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The key to success: ATRIUM

The key to success: ATRIUM

A powerful software among the most complete on the market. A guarantee of reliability, quality and performance.

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"Finamic has been able to provide us with a tailor-made solution that has satisfied our most demanding customers, as well as a valuable accompaniment in the rapid evolution of our customers' demands."

Luca Farinella, V3 Capital Partners LLC (a Geneva Family Office)

Our solutions

"Finamic was able to provide us with a tailor-made solution that allowed us to control our risks as well as those of our clients deposited with several custodian banks. The presence of numerous quality datafeeds significantly facilitates our work.

Swiss asset manager

Our solutions

"Finamic has provided us with a flexible and easy-to-use solution to manage our omnibus portfolios, the security accounting of each of our clients, the management of brokerage commissions and quarterly invoicing. Our clients also appreciate the ability to connect to their portfolios through a customizable e-banking platform."

International dealer broker

Our solutions

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