Atrium Private Banking

Atrium Private Banking is perfect for dealer brokers or private banks. It offers an Omnibus module, an order entry system (OMS) and a reporting module. It allows you to manage all your clients through a single portfolio, automating all communication processes with custodian banks and breaking down the portfolios of each of your clients.

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Main functionalities

Securities accounting

Atrium Private Banking has a tool allowing the management of separate securities accounts for each of the clients consolidated within the Omnibus portfolios.

Omnibus module

Atrium Private Banking has an Omnibus module that enables the identical replication of the details of portfolios opened with partner custodian banks and provides all the necessary tools for the continuous monitoring of integrity between the situation of Omnibus portfolios and client portfolios.

Order Management System - Private Banking

Atrium Private Banking has a platform for placing simple orders, grouped orders and portfolio rebalancing simulations. These orders are then consolidated on the Omnibus portfolios before being transmitted to the partner custodian banks.

Commissions on transactions

Atrium Private Banking has a configurable tool for calculating commissions on transactions that automatically deducts the commission on each transaction and credits the revenue account of the trader also consolidated in an Omnibus portfolio. The module also processes commissions in the form of spreads, for example on forex.

Transaction allocation

Atrium Private Banking has a tool which, once the transactions have been received or entered on the Omnibus portfolios, enables them to be automatically allocated to the target client portfolios, including the collection of transaction commissions.

Transaction tickets generator

Atrium Private Banking has a tool which, for each transaction charged to a client portfolio, generates a transaction notice which is automatically archived in the EDM (document base) and can be communicated to the client.

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