Atrium 360°

Atrium 360° is a solution specially designed for family offices, pension funds, asset managers, trusts and all other financial intermediaries.
It offers customizable analysis reports at regular intervals. This product is also accessible to beneficiaries via a secure web platform and a mobile application.

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Main functionalities

Vision 360°

Atrium 360° consolidates, without limit, all assets with access to the details of all risk units.


Atrium 360° has a reporting tool that allows unlimited customization of reports for clients (or internal) that can be exported in PDF, Excel and accessed from the Web platform.

Customizable consolidation

Atrium 360° aggregates all types of assets with respect to the organization and the relationship between individuals and family owned companies, taking into account the proportions of ownership.


Atrium 360° calculates performance according to both Time Weighted and Money Weigthed models, including or excluding fees. It supports contribution and attribution calculations, as well as the demonstration of deviations from customized benchmarks.

Fees management

Atrium 360° evaluates all fees and taxes levied with maximum detail for total transparency allowing for early identification of possible pricing errors.

Full Web

Atrium 360° is a responsive application based on the latest Web technologies allowing highly secure access from the Internet and manages access rights according to users.

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