Back Office Support

Let us support you by taking care of your financial data processing and quality control within your banking or portfolio management software.

Main features

Transaction input

We handle for you all the operations carried out on your assets. We anonymize the documents, we standardize the transactions, we reclassify them (i.e. withdrawal to transfer or fees). We offer you experience with more than 150 banks.

Managing securities data

We retrieve daily the best prices available from independent sources and we monitor the updating of descriptive features.

Data control and reconciliation

We regularly monitor the state of your portfolios through cash control of each position. We also carry out cross-checks, reviews of the performance of each security, etc. Finally, we report justified deviations to you in order to facilitate your work.

Settlement of stock exchange orders

We reconcile the transactions received from the banks with the pending stock exchange orders, allocate the transactions to the different portfolios and generate the trade notification.

Client and portfolio creation

We create the portfolios for you, associate them with the beneficiaries and import the existing positions.

Invoicing management

We validate the invoicing bases, we calculate the periodic charges and we carry out the final checks before dispatch.

Ad'hoc analysis

We produce additional analyses to explain exceptional results. We then produce the documents to be delivered to your clients and those for your internal needs.