Strategic Outsourcing

Offload all the activities required to produce information about your entire portfolio, which you can easily access via our web applications and custom PDF reports.

Main features

Transaction input

We handle for you all the operations carried out on your assets. We anonymize the documents, we standardize the transactions, we reclassify them (i.e. withdrawal to transfer or fees). We offer you experience with more than 150 banks.

Managing securities data

We retrieve daily the best prices available from independent sources and we monitor the updating of descriptive features.

Data control and reconciliation

We regularly monitor the state of your portfolios through cash control of each position. We also carry out cross-checks, reviews of the performance of each security, etc. Finally, we report justified deviations to you in order to facilitate your work.

Building analyses and reports

We advise you when setting up your customized reports and support you by producing ad'hoc analyses that allow you to better explain certain exceptional results to your clients.

Premium technical infrastructure

The service is based on the Atrium 360° platform, our wealth analysis product. We host the applications for you in an environment where you will benefit from extremely high data security.

Web access

You can access the status of your assets in real time through our web, iPad and mobile applications.