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Vision 360°

Atrium 360° Fully consolidates all assets and with access to the details of all risk units.


Atrium 360° has a reporting tool allowing a total customization of reports for clients (or internal) that can be exported in PDF, Excel and accessed from the web platform.

Customizable consolidation

Atrium 360° Aggregates all types of assets with respect to the organization and the relationship between individuals and family owned companies, taking into account the proportions of ownership.


Atrium 360° calculates the performance of both Time Weighted and Money Weigthed models, it can be gross or net of fees. Associated with customized benchmarks, it can show deviations. It also supports contribution and attribution calculations.

Fees management

Atrium 360° evaluates all fees and taxes levied with maximum detail for total transparency allowing for early identification of possible pricing errors.

Full Web

Atrium 360° is based on the latest web technologies allowing a total secure access from the Internet. It limits access, regardless of the type of device, to the determined functionalities.

Application Security

Atrium 360° restricts users to authorized portfolios only through a fine role management.

Double-entry accounting

Atrium 360° is based on a dual accounting model with a journal and ledger, which provides a solid foundation for all the system's analysis engines (performance, expenses, P&L).

Audit trail

Atrium 360° keeps a history of all data modifications and deletions made by users for audit purposes.

History management

Atrium 360° justifies changes in analysis values in a report linked to "back valued" entries.

Strategic Allocations

Atrium 360° has a fully configurable tool allowing the valuation of all types of assets (including companies, real estate, private equities, futures...) and can be associated with strategic allocations in order to identify concentration risks.


Atrium 360° has a tool for managing people and companies, and all types of relationships between them. It allows the documentation and history of important customer interactions.


Atrium 360° stores and archives in a document management tool contracts, legal documents related to people, visit reports, account openings, bank documents and those specific to financial products (Kiid...) as well as any other type of documents.


Atrium 360° replaces the funds with their main underlying positions and allocations provided by the managers in order to identify possible concentrations on certain securities or allocations.

Data feeds

Atrium 360° has a flow integration tool with the main banks, with an automation rate above the competition average.


Atrium 360° has an invoicing tool that allows the definition of personalized tariff plans including flat rate plans, in base point of the processed mass, in steps, at different frequencies, etc.

Data Input

Atrium 360° has complete data entry tools that allow it to be the "core" system of the company independent of any other data source. It has an additional document loading tool that allows the piloting of a scanner, the anonymization of documents and the automatic identification of target portfolios.

Unlimited adaptability

Atrium 360° adapts to new needs by simple additional parameterization that will allow new asset classes, new transaction codes and, on any object, additional user-defined fields that can be used in the web application and reporting.

Order Management System

Atrium Asset Manager offers a platform for single orders, grouped orders and portfolio rebalancing simulations.

Portfolio Management System

Atrium Asset Manager offers positions' monitoring of each of the portfolios or groups of portfolios by integrating, at choice, the pending orders. In the same way, it allows to perform all necessary calculations such as performance, gains, costs...


Atrium Asset Manager offers customer information's controls. It provides KYC dashboards related to data from the on-boarding, compliance and AML modules.

Compliance and internal control

This module makes it possible to visualize at any time the respect of mandates, the follow-up of the application of internal procedures and regulatory obligations in connection with the on-boarding and AML modules.


Atrium Asset Manager enables the overall management of the account opening process from the integration of the customizable risk profile, investment profiles, KYC, and other data needed to monitor suitability and appropriateness, to authorization by the compliance officer and management.


This module allows the monitoring of potentially fraudulent transactions and activities.

Omnibus module

Atrium Private Banking has an Omnibus module that makes it possible to identically replicate the details of portfolios opened with partner custodian banks and to provide all the tools necessary for the continuous monitoring of integrity between the situation of Omnibus portfolios and client portfolios.

Securities accounting

Atrium Private Banking allows the management of the separate securities accounts of each client consolidated within the Omnibus portfolios.

Commissions on transactions

Atrium Private Banking has a configurable module for calculating commissions on transactions which automatically deducts the commission on each of them and credits the revenue account of the dealer broker also consolidated in an Omnibus portfolio. The module also processes commissions in the form of spreads, for example on forex.

Order Management System - Private Banking

Atrium Private Banking offers a platform for single orders, grouped orders and portfolio rebalancing simulations. These orders are then consolidated on the Omnibus portfolios before being transmitted to partner custodian banks.

Transaction allocation

Once the transactions have been received or inputted on the Omnibus portfolios, Atrium Private Banking enables them to be automatically allocated to the target client portfolios, including the collection of transaction commissions.

Transaction tickets generator

For each transaction posted to a customer portfolio, Atrium Private Banking generates a transaction ticket which is automatically archived in the EDM (documents repository) and can be communicated to the customer.

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